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   Our Mission
It is the mission of Chase Protective Corp. to provide our client companies with a last line of defense against the plague of damages cause by substance abuse in their workplace.

We will seek out abusers and sellers and put ourselves between our client and those that would choose to bring harm to them.

We will be respectful of the rights of all involved, guilty or innocent, as we work to eradicate illicit drugs and alcohol abuse in the workplace.




Frequently Asked Questions


bulletWhy would we call Chase instead of calling our local police department?


The police are equipped and staffed to help you after a crime is committed. They also help prosecute those criminals that commit the crime. Our mission at Chase is different. We help you keep your employees from possessing, using and selling illegal narcotics or alcohol in the workplace. We do this proactively on a regular and continuing basis. We bring many years of police experience to work for you, but we are not the police. We will help you keep your facility safe for everyone before any crime is committed. If the police are needed, we will help lead you through that process.
bulletAre employees safe with the K9?


Our K9s are certified police narcotics detector dogs and are additionally certified as Delta dogs to work around people in companies, inside hospitals and schools. Your employees are safe around our dogs.


bulletWhat happens when the K9 tells you that there are drugs present?


The K9 tells us that there is a presence of odor of narcotics. This becomes cause to interview and test the employee for drug use. If the employee tests negative, he/she goes back to work. If not the employee is sent to the lab for a confirmation test. There are also many other options depending on your policy and employee assistance programs.


bulletWhat do we do if we think an employee is using drugs or alcohol at work?


Your supervisors will be trained to detect the common characteristics of narcotic users and abusers of alcohol. We are available to be called 24 hours a day seven days a week for testing. It can be with suspicion or post accident. We will come to your facility or the hospital if required.


bulletHow can we expect our employees to react?


The employees who do not use drugs will welcome us, and you can expect a neutral reaction from them. Those who regularly use drugs, sell drugs or come to work under the influence of drugs know from their friends that they will not be able to fool our dogs or our officers. They will complain and eventually either be caught or move on to an unprotected company. After a few months, the staff will come to accept the benefits of cleaning up the workplace and protecting the company.
bulletWhat doesn’t Chase Protective do?


We do not do undercover investigations. We also do not do plant security or non related investigations.


bulletHow is Chase Protective Licensed?


Chase Protective is licensed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of Homeland Security under ORC 4749 as a Class A provider. Our license number is 200621001113.






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